Contributions to the ASCAP Newsletter and Bulletin


Alternative defeat strategies in shrews and rats

The rat resident/intruder paradigm: a model for the !SS?

The naked mole-rat

Don’t underestimate the dog

Electric fish

The hummingbird switches to the hedonic mode

Reply to Randrup re voles

More re voles

London zoo: leks and mandrills

The Least Sandpiper

Sapolsky’s baboons

Hormone/behaviour relationships


Evolutionary biology demarcates the territories of specialist psychotherapists and general psychiatrists.

Goal setting in psychotherapy

Change in the psychotherapy system

Teleonomic psychotherapy

Pre-suicide family intervention in patients with grown-up children (Fall, 2003)

Case supporting shiver-ATP clinical model (Feb 2001, p. 28)

Special case of depression as communication (Dec 2001, p. 8)

Developmental features of depression (Fall 2002, Vol 3 No 3, pp. 16-20)

Symmetrical and complementary relationships

Bateson and symmetry

More on defining relationships

Defining relationships with Venn diagrams

Hostility in complementary relationships

Asymmetrical hedonic relationships

Hedonic symmetry – The Oilers

Caught in the crossfire

Reply to John Birtchnell

The interdependence of affiliative and agonistic behaviour

Michael Chance and the two modes

A tribute to Michael Chance (ex-president of ASCAP)

A tribute to Michael Chance (obituary)

The balance of the two modes: deficits or excess? (A contribution from the Birmingham Group) January 1989 pp. 1-7 (Vol 2, No. 1).

The two modes (communique)

Agonistic and prestige competition


Qahr and ashti

The hummingbird switches to the hedonic mode

A comment on Chance’s testis theory

The yielding hypothesis of depression: an essay and replies to comments

The yielding hypothesis of depression

Reply to comments by Paul Gilbert

Reply to comments by Murray Parkes

Reply to comments by Dr Katic

Reply to comments by Dr Hoffer

Reply to Dylan Evans

Reply to the Davies: the failsafe mechanism

Hamburg’s theory of the function of depression and anxiety

Has “right” evolved from “might”?


Positive feedback loops in depression (reply to Carlyn Reichelt)

A further reply to Carolyn Reichelt

De-escalation at the emotional (limbic) level of the triune mind/brain: an interpretation of Dori Le Croy’s ‘female emotionality’

A reply to Leon Sloman

Another reply to Leon Sloman (brain levels)

Review of “Bipolarity” edited by Hagop Aksikal

The self concept

Help! RHP is not mine (May 1988 pp. 2-3)

A new book on self-esteem by Roy Baumeister (review)

The Chicago “pragmatists”

Resource-holding potential and currency devaluation

Review of “Depression: The Evolution of Powerlessness” by Paul Gilbert

Comment on “HIdden Minds” by F.Tallis

Capability: the new RHP? (by JSP & RG) (March 1993, p.10)

Thymoleptic (anathetic and catathetic) signals

Catathetic signals (January 1988, pp.2-5)

More about catathetic signals

Signalling of resource-holding potential (RHP)

Natural selection

Frequency-dependent selection: a reply to Dan Wilson

Sexual selection: comment on the Sloman-Waller exchange

Literary and philosophical themes

Agonistic behaviour portrayed by Milton

Job’s battle with God

Learning from the dirt mover: reply to Dave Evans

Survivor guilt

Rustler’s Rhapsody

The Westermarck trap: a possible factor in the creation of Frankenstein

Gurdjieff and the triune mind/brain (March, 1998, pp. 18-22)


The schizotype as a dispersal phenotype

Discussion of the migration hypothesis (with Val Geist and Michael Davies) – July 1999, pp. 30-31)

The followers of the prophet: a role for a charismatic audience psalic

The Editor and sociophysiology

London School of Economics meeting

Communique from John Price and Dan Wilson

In favour of sociophysiology

Suggested topics

A vote of thanks

Other miscellaneous contibutions

Help! R is not mine! (June 1988 pp. 2-3)

Reichelt-Price exchange. (November 1988 pp. 4-7)

Reichelt-Price exchange. Homeostatic aspects of depression. (December 1988 3-6)

Still more on the Reichelt-Price exchanges: a postscript to comment on CRR’s first contribution. (March 1989 pp. 4-6)

Reichelt-Price exchange. (October 1990 pp. 3-4)

Comment on RG’s case IA (December 1993 pp. 6-8)

The escalation of Robert Southwell. (April 1994 pp. 5-8)

Response to ‘Caught in the crossfire’. (October 1994 pp. 15-17)

Behaviour and genetics; alternative strategies. (November 1992 pp. 11-14)

Report on Birmingham group. (June 1995 p. 7)

The triune brain. (September 1997 p. 3)

Summary of ASCAP London meeting 2001. (August 2001 pp. 8-9)

Special case of depression as communication. (December 2001 p. 8)

Call for contributions. (May 2003 p. 10)

Thoughts. (Winter 2003 pp. 8-9)




With R. Gardner

Discussion of terminology used for the social competition hypothesis articulated first by John Price in 1967. (May 1992 pp. 4-10)